Cartagena (reprise) | 28.6.18 – 1.7.18

Returning to Cartagena, we took the opportunity to mop up a few unexplored destinations before we bade farewell to my family and moved on. After a fabulous dinner at a Lebanese fusion restaurant 'Zaitun', we made our way to a nearby salsa club in the city - 'Donde Fidel'. Salsa music blared from innumerable speakers … Continue reading Cartagena (reprise) | 28.6.18 – 1.7.18

The Rosario Islands | 24.6.18 – 28.6.18

Our boat swept past the old Spanish forts guarding the entrance to Cartagena's harbour, the sea breeze a welcome relief after weeks in the stultifying heat of the Caribbean coast. Out at sea the boat yawed and rolled wildly while Erin slept on my shoulder, zonked by the soporific effect of her travel sickness tablets. … Continue reading The Rosario Islands | 24.6.18 – 28.6.18

Cartagena | 19.6.18 – 24.6.18

Founded in 1533, Cartagena quickly became a keystone of the Spanish Empire, a prosperous port where the wealth of a continent was loaded on to galleons bound for Spain. As such it proved an irresistible target for pirates and rival powers, being attacked numerous times (including by Sir Francis Drake). The exasperated Spaniards therefore built … Continue reading Cartagena | 19.6.18 – 24.6.18

Santa Marta | 13.6.18 – 15.6.18

After 14 hours on a freezing cold night bus we arrived in Santa Marta on the sweltering Caribbean coast. Once home to the Tairona tribe, Santa Marta was the first Spanish settlement on mainland South America, though it's importance declined with the growth of nearby Cartagena. These days it is a Colombian holiday spot as … Continue reading Santa Marta | 13.6.18 – 15.6.18

San Gil | 8.6.18 – 12.6.18

The coach journey to San Gil was hazardous in the extreme, our driver veering around hairpin turns and seemingly blind to oncoming traffic in his zeal to overtake every moving thing on the road. Arriving (miraculously unharmed) in town, we checked in to Moncorá hostel, tucked away a few streets from the main square. That … Continue reading San Gil | 8.6.18 – 12.6.18