Ipiales | 15.7.18 – 16.7.18

It was dark by the time we reached Ipiales, stiff from our 9-hour coach journey. The town, which lies around 2km from the border with Ecuador, is dirty, rough and decidedly 'functional' - somewhere for travellers, truckers and immigrants to pause before leaving the country. Wandering the streets in search of dinner, we passed several … Continue reading Ipiales | 15.7.18 – 16.7.18

Popayán | 14.7.18

Heading south, our next shop was Popayán, known as the “white city” due to its many whitewashed colonial buildings - the city centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. Nestled between the Western and Central mountain ranges, Popayán is a peaceful place, home to one of Colombia's most prestigious universities and birthplace of several previous … Continue reading Popayán | 14.7.18

Salento | 10.7.18 – 12.7.18

We spent the majority of Tuesday on the winding, nauseating mountain road south from Medellín, trying not to notice the heavily armed military presence along our route. Arriving at dusk, we checked in to our basic but charming hostel, where we enjoyed hot drinks whilst sat amongst the roosters and dogs milling around the patio. … Continue reading Salento | 10.7.18 – 12.7.18

Medellín part II | 7.7.18 – 9.7.18

On Saturday we took a cable car to Parque Arvi, a nature reserve in the mountains above Medellin. The view from the cable car was incredible, as we gazed out over the city sprawl below. The park was a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Medellín's streets, while the forest walk provided some … Continue reading Medellín part II | 7.7.18 – 9.7.18

Medellín part I | 2.7.18 – 4.7.18

After touching down at Rionegro airport, we took a 40 minute taxi ride to Medellín, winding our way through the mountains and trying desperately not to hum the 'Narcos' theme song. The city sprawled out in the valley below, tendrils of ramshackle barrio snaking up the lower reaches of the mountain sides. After checking in … Continue reading Medellín part I | 2.7.18 – 4.7.18