Galapagos Pt. II – Floreana | 6.8.18 – 14.8.18

Our boat spent 2 hours battling waves and swells en route to Isla Floreana, which is isolated to the south of the archipelago and very sparsely populated. The island was the first to be inhabited in the Galapagos, primarily by marooned pirates. A notorious example of these first, reluctant settlers was an Irishman by the … Continue reading Galapagos Pt. II – Floreana | 6.8.18 – 14.8.18

Galapagos Pt. I – Arrival | 6.8.18 – 14.8.18

We touched down on Baltra island, an outcrop of volcanic debris separated from Isla Santa Cruz by a narrow stretch of water. The blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean stretched in every direction, our nearest landmass now over 500 miles away. The locals have perfected the art of tourist-fleecing, and after an expensive series of … Continue reading Galapagos Pt. I – Arrival | 6.8.18 – 14.8.18

The Pacific Coast | 29.7.18 – 5.8.18

After spending a night in the busy, loud and fairly unlovely city of Guayaquil, we navigated the cavernous bus station and set off north. Arriving in the late afternoon, we checked in to our hostel, 'Viejamar', perched on the desolate coastline between Puerto Lopez and Montañita. Ambling along the deserted beach, we passed a decomposing … Continue reading The Pacific Coast | 29.7.18 – 5.8.18

Cuenca | 25.7.18 – 29.7.18

After a lovely breakfast at hostel Huasi Quñi we explored the peaceful, genteel streets of Cuenca, a laid-back Andean city in Southern Ecuador. Wandering along the fast-flowing Rio Tomebamba, we came to an impressive statue of the Inca ruler Huayna Capac. From here we made our way to the ruins of Pumapungo, the Inca settlement … Continue reading Cuenca | 25.7.18 – 29.7.18

Baños de Agua Santa | 20.7.18 – 24.7.18

After a tetchy day of travel sans caffeine we checked in to our hostel in Baños, a tourist hotspot nestled amongst a series of verdant mountains. From the sheer rock faces surrounding the town poured a series of waterfalls, while nearby Mt Tungurahua (a disconcertingly active volcano) lurked amongst the clouds. Erin had fond memories … Continue reading Baños de Agua Santa | 20.7.18 – 24.7.18